2 5 describe the roles and responsibilities of senior management team school

We are all aware of just how the test results and league tables reflect a schools performance in this way and as such the weight of these factors must be carefully monitored and tracked by the SLT. They also appoint some of the members of the governing body.

Have general information about policies. However, their faith status may be reflected in their religious education curriculum, admissions criteria and staffing policies. They will be the line of contact for any outside agencies that need to come into the school to look at individual children with special needs.

These initiatives aim to protect them from the harmful effects of poverty, family problems, child abuse and inadequate resources. The land and buildings and land are owned by a charity usually a religious organisation, which also appoint some members of the governing body.

The ethos of a school has to be recognisable in the school environment immediately as someone enters the premises as it is reflected in the day-to-day practices of the staff and the pupils working there.

It encourages schools to avoid gender stereotyping, because e. The lead or coordinator may be inexperienced or new to the particular role. Lead coordinators are also responsible for keeping governing bodies up to date on such areas — perhaps in not so much detail but nevertheless up to date.

They will also make decisions on issues involving the curriculum and whether to write new policies. However one thing that is a definite will be your SLT curriculum responsibility.

Tda 5 Schools as Organisations

The governing body decides whether to become a trust school with parents having a say. Describe with examples how schools may demonstrate and uphold their aims Links to learning outcome 3, assessment criteria 3.

A school has to provide a safe and respected environment to facilitate effective learning practices. As I have said the structure of the SLT will vary in number and roles dependent on the size of the school — however members will be selected based on experience and current roles.

Academies- which are independently managed, they are set up by sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups in partnership with the Department for Education DfE and the local authority.

Identify the laws and codes of practice affecting work in schools Links to learning outcome 3, assessment criteria 3. In order to create a healthy learning environment, the classroom needs effective routines and rules that are fair, consistent and clearly understood by all pupils.

The aims of the school are usually written down in the school prospectus and set by the Head Teacher in co-operation with the parents and community. According to the learning and teaching policy of the Welford and Wickham Primary School in Newbury, the learning environment should be organised to ensure that children have the opportunity to work individually, in groups and as a class, make decisions, solve problems and be creative.

They can hold staff meetings, also be responsible for child protection issues. Parents or carers have to be asked to give consent to certain activities, like school trips.

A brief look at the roles and responsibilities of the Senior leadership team in Primary Schools

Since the Children Act of it is the duty of Local Authorities to investigate situations where children are at risk. A schools welfare policies target the care and well-being of children, and an improvement of their health.

The parents have to make sure that their child is regularly attending school while in the compulsory school age and in return the school has to inform the parent immediately if the pupil is absent unexplained.

Health and Safety at Work Act Designed to protect everyone within the school and give procedures to follow in the event of an accident.

Firstly lets have a look at what they have to consider The school and grounds as a building and safe working environment for staff and pupils The school and grounds maintenance and possibly future development The interior fitments and equipment maintenance and replacement All educational equipment maintenance and equipment Basically everything that makes the place tick along each day and ensures that it will tick over in the future — its quite a list and often goes unseen and taken for granted.

Setting a long term strategic direction for the school includes policies regarding uniform, discipline, sports and homework; spending the budget; reaching performance targets; dealing with complaints; decisions on academic matters and in some cases admissions; managing staff and the maintenance of the school property.

They will be given opportunities to discover and develop their talents through curricular and extracurricular activities.Worksheet 2 Describe roles and responsibilities of school governors, senior management team, and other statutory roles (e.g.

SENCO), teachers, support staff | Roles | Responsibilities | School governors | The school governors must appoint a chair and a vice-chair and may wish to make a number of other specific appointments to lead on to. The roles and responsibilities of the Senior leadership team in Primary Schools All Primary Schools will have a Senior Leadership team or Senior Management team as they are sometimes called.

To provide up to date staff professional development which enables staff to carry out their roles and responsibilities within the school whilst at.

Explain The Strategic Purpose Of School. Explain the strategic purpose of School governors Senior management team Other statuary roles e.g. SENCO Teachers Support staff roles All roles in a. •Identify the main types of state and independent schools •Describe the characteristics of the different types of schools in relation to educational stage(s) and school governance •Describe roles and responsibilities of: School governors -Senior management team -Other statutory roles e.


Roles and responsibility of Senior Management Team and Management Group

SENCO -Teachers •Describe the roles of. Roles and responsibility of Senior Management Team and Management Group This paper outlines the roles and responsibilities of AIUK's Senior Management Team and Management Group. Downloads.

The senior management team usually consists of the Head Teacher, the Deputy Head Teacher(s) and the Assistant Head Teacher(s) (in secondary schools).

While the Head Teacher has overall responsibility of the school, including staff, pupils and educational issues, other members of the SMT usually have their area to manage within the school.

2 5 describe the roles and responsibilities of senior management team school
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