Adderall abuse and doctor awareness essay

It should only be made available in hospitals where patients are given after the certification and prescription by the doctors, which should be followed by proper medical examination.

Stimulants slow your heart and increase brain function by a substantial amount. For 6 or more years old children, it is advisable to start them on a 5 mg once or twice a day with increments of the same at weekly intervals on daily basis.

Awareness of the drug use should be enhanced most specially in colleges and universities where students have in many cases used Adderall as study drugs to make them stay awake for long periods without sleep as they study. Hire Writer People that do not have ADD or ADHD tend to get the opposite effect of the drug because their brains are producing enough dopamine to maintain consistent attention and awareness without stimulation from the prescription.

The general consensus is that stimulant amphetamines like Adderall do indeed increase performance in those that do and do not have properly diagnosed ADHD.

Insomnia, diarrhoea and constipation, appetite loss and weight loss, loss of sex drive and impotence, dizziness and headache are also some of the side effects although they are a bit mild Donatelle The rate of heart beat is increased and consequently the blood pressure, when drugs of amphetamine category such as Adderall are used in the treatment of any disorder or disease.

This is due to the addiction nature of Adderall that makes it possible for people to abuse Donatelle, Extensive long term research does not exist because there has not been a sufficient time period to make definite observations about long term effects.

Medical examination to identify the pulse rate is necessary. Others just buy it off one of their friends who are more then likely to have a legal prescription. Overall this drug seems to be very dangerous but extremely beneficial to those who need it and can use it effectively without abusing it.

Some people use it together with alcohol in order to achieve high level recreation Moore, Instead of stimulating concentration, it only succeeds in creating more attention problems when used in excess Andrews, et al, In order to reinforce the effective use of Adderall, majorly for the stimulation of attention in people with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, the government ought to legislate against over-the-counter sale of the drug.

It must be used only for therapeutic roles only without disposing the drugs for non-therapeutic use. Without Adderall I failed one class…. With all stimulants there are possible cardiac effects. Blurred vision and severe headache, excessive discomfort at the chest due to severe chest pains, seizure and numbness are also among some of the adverse side effects of Adderall treatment of ADHD.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: This is the basis for long-term amphetamine neurotoxicity. So when taking the drug for the first couple months you are required to take two day breaks every three days to allow your body to catch up.

The deeper I look into the side effects of this drug the more potentially fatal issues I discover. Adderall has also in the past been used as recreational substance due to its stimulant nature.

To this day, if you presented this information to your doctor they would most likely suggest that you keep taking the drug every day.

Amphetamines work by stimulating your inhibitory area in your hypothalamus. On the other hand, Adderall is used by many people throughout the world and is a very useful and helpful drug to those who need it. Effects depend heavily on your potential for heart diseases, and whether the drug is being abused.

The midbrain sends signals to the whole body that hunger is not a priority, this explains why there is never an urge to eat and food does not satisfy normally. In order to reinforce the awareness, governments should intervene and pass legislations that control the sale and use of the drug.

In fact, it only makes the disorder worse by creating after use problems like troubled concentration, diarrhoea, dizziness, and headache. While Adderall is considered safe when taken as prescribed by a doctor, experts say it can be very addictive.

This drug has been recognized around the world by doctors and nutritionists as a very harmful and depleting drug. Because it is similar in makeup to illegal methamphetamines, it is highly addictive Adams.

If someone gets caught selling it or buying Adderall without a prescription, is the same offense as buying or selling cocaine.

Some of the most adverse side effects that require effective medical response include rapid and uneven heartbeat, light-headedness, which may result in fainting, where there is high blood pressure that causes problems like unsettled concentration, and where the user feels restless and finds it extremely difficult to concentrate Helms, However, Adderall drugs are only more dangerous when used in a way not prescribed by certified physicians or when administered in response to addiction demands Moore, Exploring the long-term effects of Adderall it is difficult.

Adderall’s Effects on the Body Essay

I began to take Adderall again and saw a huge improvement. Consequently, in some nations, the government has made an initiative to highly control the sale of the drugs Grilly Parents are accustomed to warning their kids about the dangers of alcohol and stimulants like cocaine may have been caught off guard by the growing prevalence of prescription medication use among college students trying score good grades.

Other serious long term side effects of Adderall include elevated blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and sudden death.Free Essays on Adderall Abuse Essay for students.

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if you presented this information to your doctor they would most likely suggest that you keep taking the drug every day.

Adderall Literature Review ; Adderall Abuse and Doctor Awareness. Essay on Adderall: A Combination of Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine - Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, which work on the central nervous system as stimulants.

A stimulant is a drug that produces a temporary increase of function activity by affecting the chemicals in the brain. While Adderall is considered safe when taken as prescribed by a doctor, experts say it can be very addictive.

“It’s a highly addictive substance and when you play with addictive substances, you ultimately get burned,” Stephen Odom, a drug abuse counselor at Sober Living by the Sea, told Robach. The user experiences increased awareness and focus from the increased and enhanced flow of dopamine in his/ her frontal cortex (Menhard 56).

Adderall in College

Most students fake their conditions when they visit the doctor’s office in order to get diagnosed with ADHD. I also believe it would be as unfair of me to abuse Adderall in college as it would be.

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Adderall abuse and doctor awareness essay
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