An analysis of the spartan education

The Role of the Spartan Education System Essay

First, collective education was considered so important that not only was the agoge a compulsory prerequisite for citizenship, but all adult males bore an equal responsibility for rearing good citizens.

Another area in which Spartans excelled was in brevity and clarity of expression. This would have been seen as perfect example of Spartan dedication and obedience, but also shows the fear and brutality felt during the agoge.

Descendants of non-Spartan citizens were not able to follow the agoge. This was the first time that a Spartan army lost a land battle at full strength. Contents of this website are copyrighted. Lakedaimona was until the name of a province in the modern Greek prefecture of Laconia.

They were trained to harden themselves to the elements. Furthermore, although there may have been more emphasis on physical fitness in a Spartan education than elsewhere, numerous sources testify to the fact that Sparta also placed great emphasis on training the intellect.

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The legendary period of Spartan history is believed to fall into the Dark Age. The subsequent proto-historic period, combining both legend and historical fragments, offers the first credible history.

If Athenians collected Spartan sayings and laconic forms of expression were admired, this is clear testimony of the quality of Spartan education in this regard. Non citizens Others in the state were the perioikoiwho were free inhabitants of Spartan territory but were non-citizens, and the helots[57] the state-owned serfs.

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On his knees, the Spartan king slew several enemy soldiers before being finally killed by a javelin. In other Greek city-states, free citizens were part-time soldiers who, when not at war, carried on other trades.

The exact nature of their subjection to the Spartans is not clear, but they seem to have served partly as a kind of military reserve, partly as skilled craftsmen and partly as agents of foreign trade. There they learned gymnastics, wrestling, and did calisthenics.

Men paid large sums to improve their speaking skills, and in democratic Athens power rested with those men who could sway the Assembly with their rhetoric. This epithet utilized the plural of the adjective Lacedaemonius Greek: The agoge was designed to encourage discipline and physical toughness and to emphasize the importance of the Spartan state.

Helots did not have voting rights, although compared to non-Greek chattel slaves in other parts of Greece they were relatively privileged. The alliance was initially backed by Persia, whose lands in Anatolia had been invaded by Sparta and which feared further Spartan expansion into Asia.

No other contemporary state provided for, and in fact required, its citizens to attend public school. Male Spartan citizens were allowed only one occupation: Xenophon explicitly denies it, [91] but not Plutarch. Herodotus seems to denote by it the Mycenaean Greek citadel at Therapnein contrast to the lower town of Sparta.Spartan Education & Military Training The primary purpose of Spartan education, and indeed of Spartan society as a whole, differed greatly from that of the Athenians.

The primary goal of Spartan education was to produce good soldiers. Training for the military began at age 7. Intermediate Vibration Analysis Intermediate Vibration Analysis Reach a Spartan Education Expert 1 for education inquiries [email protected] Scroll to top Share This Contact Our Offices Ask a question; Request a quote.

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However, they may not have the largest market share in this industry if. Sparta (Doric Greek: Σπάρτα, Spártā; Attic Greek: Σπάρτη, Spártē) was a prominent city-state in ancient antiquity the city-state was known as Lacedaemon (Λακεδαίμων, Lakedaímōn), while the name Sparta referred to its main settlement on the banks of the Eurotas River in Laconia, in south-eastern Peloponnese.

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Around BC, it rose to become the dominant. Spartan education began soon after birth, where babies were inspected by Ephors and cast onto the slopes of Mt Taygetus if the Spartan health standards were not met.

Boys were raised by their mothers until the age of seven, at which point they entered the agoge. A part of the Spartan education system actually involved killing the helots.

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What happened was that every once in a while, the person in charge of the agoge would send some of the boys out to kill the helots.

An analysis of the spartan education
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