Attention grabbers for abortion essays

Synergy — Bringing Everything Together: Types of Attention Getters There are several different kinds of attention getters.

Knowing about and being able to make effective use of the various opening strategies can only enhance your skills as a writer. Who would you use, for instance, if the paper was centered on the problems caused by gang violence? For those of you, though, who see writing as a means to affect social attitudes and change the way people view issues and one anotherperhaps what I have to say will help jar some now thoughts into existence.

This is proactive, engaging writing that makes your audience aware that what they have read is not merely brain candy, but a serious call by the writer for them to act upon what has been put on the table.

In the same vein, giving the audience a recommendation or series of recommendations is effective in that you are providing them with a list of actions they can take. It invites confusion by raising too many questions. Reading will give you access not only to new information but, even more, will expose you to different writing styles and ways of expression that can only enhance and improve your own.

This can be a very effective means for closing out an essay. In this instance, you are putting a face or faces to your composition by drawing upon an incident containing a moral center, one that you can then use in leading your audience to the thesis statement. The best quotes, again, come out of popular culture or wisdom.

This happens when the writer has failed to carefully think out or plan what the actual subject is going to be. Boeck and Megan C. If the audience is perceived as a hip, upwardly-mobile group of African-American women, then you might want to open with a statement from someone like Joan Morgan, bell hooks, June Jordan, Sonia Sanchez, Alice Walker or Sistah Souljah.

This engages the audience into actions which is always a positive effect. Audiences love good stories, those that have a core, a sensibility. What you are doing here is to repeat for your readers those patterns of development first articulated in the thesis statement; in effect, you are now tying the package together.

The Thesis Statement All of these opening strategies, or essay gambits, have one purpose and that is to focus the audience on your purpose for writing: Good writers know that one of the most serious errors that can be made is by opening up right away with the main purpose of the writing — this is an automatic turnoff for the reader!

This kind of attention grabber works well with narrative essays or essays on controversial topics.

Attention Getters for Essays: Types & Examples

Using quotes definitely gives your audience the impression that you are in control of the material. Those three patterns of development all contribute to and support the main idea, which is that the Hyundai is a great car. Your more skilled writers frequently make use of this, the seventh and final opening gambit.

Writing has to be worked at — and worked at constantly, every single day.Attention grabbers are techniques you use at the very beginning of an essay as a means to hook your readers' attention and get them interested in your topic.

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You can use one of several techniques, such as a surprising statistic, a generalization or even a story. Jan 27,  · I am writing a persuasive essay on abortion and how I am against it, and I need a good attention grabber to start off my one sentence that will grab anyone's Status: Resolved.

An attention getter is used at the beginning of an essay to grab the reader's attention. Some common attention getters are quotations, statistics, questions, and stories.

Using a strong attention getter is important in an academic essay because it gives the reader context and gets him/her interested in the essay.

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What are some examples of attention grabbers for essays? “Do you believe in abortion, You can make an attention grabber in your essay by asking a question.

The Thesis Statement

Free abortion papers, essays, and research papers. which people tend pay more attention. Nowadays, Abortion is a controversial problem as people think of.

Attention grabbers for abortion essays
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