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Above-the-line promotion is directly paid for, for example TV or newspaper advertising. As such, it has created a clear position in the market.

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Cost based pricing this can either simply cover costs or include an element of profit. This is known as the marketing mix or four Ps. Place Place refers to: Beiersdorf needed to develop a mix that suited the product and the target market as well as meeting its own business objectives.

Changing product descriptions and introducing larger pack sizes. It realizes that a one way message, using TV or the press, is not as effective as talking directly to its target group of consumers.

Product The first stage in building an effective mix is to understand the market. What are its strongest points? This strategy helps a business to gain maximum revenue before a competitors product reaches the market. Where a product is sold.

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These samples will be available through the website, samples in stores or in goody bags given out at VISAGE road shows up and down the country. It is part of a range of brands produced and sold by Beiersdorf. This strategy encourages consumers to develop a habit of buying.

It also includes other ways in which businesses make products directly available to their target market, for example, through direct mail or the Internet. Beiersdorfs market research identified that younger consumers wanted more specialized face care aimed at their own age group that offered a beautifying benefit, rather than a solution to skin problems.

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Beiersdorfs continuing program of market research showed a gap in the market. Explain why the balance of the marketing mix is as important as any single element. It focuses on the product and does not take account of consumers.

NIVEA needs to regularly review prices should a competitor enter the market at the market growth point of the product life cycle to ensure that its pricing remains competitive. A key part of the strategy is the use of product samples. The business prides itself on being consumer-led and this focus has helped it to grow NIVEA into one of the largest skin care brands in the world.

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Promotion is either above-the-line or below-the-line. NIVEA chooses promotional strategies that reflect the lifestyle of its audience and the range of media available. Superdrug is particularly important for the young-end market. The concept behind the magazine is to give teenage girls the confidence to become young women and to enjoy their new-found independence.

These allow customers to touch, feel, smell and try the products. Public relations PR includes the different ways a business can communicate with its stakeholders, through, for example, newspaper press releases. The company improved the product to make it more effective and more consumer-friendly.

Introducing two completely new products. This case study shows how a carefully balanced marketing mix provides the platform for launching and re-launching a brand onto the market.Beiersdorf has a reputation for high quality and innovative products.

The company's constant quest to be a head of the market and anticipate consumers' needs makes it.

In this overview you will learn more about Beiersdorf's research & development and its over years old history in developing innovative skin care products. NIVEA is an established name in high quality skin and beauty care products.

It is part of a range of brands produced and sold by Beiersdorf. Beiersdorf, founded inhas grown to be a global company specializing in skin and beauty care. The case is that the analysis of Beiersdorf AG: Expanding NIVEA’s global reach.

The company established in Hamburg, Germany, which developing and manufacturing various range of skin care and beauty products. Free Essay: Introduction The NIVEA® brand is one of the most recognised skin and beauty care brands in the world.

Essay on Nivea; Essay on Nivea. Words Oct 29th, 9 Pages. Show More. Introduction In when Beiersdorf, the international company that owns NIVEA, launched its NIVEA FOR MEN ® range. Beiersdorf offers the opportunity for an international career at a dynamic company. With affiliates worldwide we need people who can move effortless between countries, cultures and languages.

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