Consolidated internet speed

So I called CCI, for a credit, which was I did and guess what The larger it is, the more data you can pull down in a given time. Consolidated Communications This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative.


Fast forward a month later another bill shows up So, I may not have connectivity at home tonight but I still have phone service that actually works!

Our installer was on time, he was professional, he cleaned up after himself, he was kind.

Consolidated Communications

And ironically, it would probably be very easy for them to do better, seeing as how they are starting from the bottom. All of a sudden, they were able to find my service by my address. Learn more reviews. Thanks for screwing up my house you shmucks! The morons they sent to install internet in the expensive log home I just bought drilled a hole through the wall from the outside in really terrible fashion that ripped wood from around Consolidated internet speed hole they decided to randomly put in on the bottom lip of a milled log, then decided to STAPLE the line into the side as well.

The company actually read and asked me to email. I have a college degree in computer science, what these idiots did was a disaster and the connection is shoddy thanks to their inability to correctly do their job. They were hooking up someone else in the same box Apt.

But, this only occurred after they installed new hardware. Octavio was the technician who showed up to install the line. It used to be alright but recently it has just ranked and become unusable. Internet service was slow with Fair Point and it is even slower with Consolidated. I guess they have me, I signed a contract with them for 2 years!!!

Ok, so I "reached out" to them so they could "look into it" further. This company will be out of business in a couple years.

Internet Speed Test

Customer service is a complete joke, IT are just slow and dont know what they are doing. Most dragged out resolution ever, wasted time, only for them to realize that the customer was right But that just takes a phone call to fix.

Not to mention, a voice to express my frustration along side encouragement that future customers reconsider using Consolidated Communications! I hope they have to come back as I was way too kind the first time around.

Rate the customer service level of the call I had this evening with Consolidated Communications, my less than lousy internet provider. Mistakes every step of the way and finally no service.

This is the place where I do your job better than you and read the script. Just when you think service could not get any worse, it seems to happen. They should be called misCommunications. On second thought, just transfer me to a call center lead. I canceled my land line May 1.

This is literally my 10th call to get my internet connectivity issue solved. One of the installers during the job while looking at my fireplace and trying to tell me about what may impede connection after I told them I had a router that would completely outperform anything their modem with wifi would be able to do: And now we are waiting until Saturday to get help.

If you have a 1 megabit-per-second connection, a 1MB file will take eight seconds to download. Used online chat, they told me to call tech support. Well my services quit before dated then instead of receiving a credit like stated I was over charged.Providing High-Speed Internet, DIRECTV, and Phone service to California and The Greater Phoenix Area!

Get Service Today! reviews of Consolidated Communications "I just cancelled Comcast/Xfinity for flat out lying to me about my service and was looking for a replacement for my internet service.2/5().

Consolidated Communications Speed Test

Consolidated Telcom is the premier provider for high-speed broadband, telephone, and digital television services in southwestern North Dakota. Your best chance of finding Consolidated Communications service is in California, Test your current internet speed; Discover how much internet speed you need.

Speed Test | Consolidated Telcom, Dickinson ND. Nationwide Internet service provider & telecommunications company providing Internet, TV, data and cloud services for homes and businesses.

Consolidated internet speed
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