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Crystalline rocks are exposed at several places on its flanks and are the foci of localized gold and silver deposits. The steep and rugged Andean mountain masses and the high intermontane basins descend into plains that extend along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and across the eastern interior toward the Orinoco and Amazon river systems.

The batholith contains gold-bearing quartz veins, which were the source of the placer gravels that gave rise to an active colonial mining economy.

Econ 102 quiz population is heavily mestizo of mixed European and Indian descent with substantial minorities of European and African ancestry. These tectonic forcessimilar to those found elsewhere around the Pacific Rim, continue to operate, as is evidenced by the high frequency of often destructive earthquakes.

Page 1 of Elsewhere the crest is much higher, reaching 12, feet 3, metres at Mount Paramillo in the department of Antioquia. It is a continuation of the Ecuadoran volcanic structure. North of the border with Ecuador the cordillera flares out into three distinct parallel ranges.

A much narrower lowland apron extends along the Pacific shoreline from the point of Cape Corrientes southward to the Ecuadoran border. Two great river valleys, those of the Magdalena and the Caucaseparate them and provide Econ 102 quiz of penetration from the Atlantic coastal lowlands into the heart of the country.

Beyond Antioquia the lower, remote San Lucas Mountains extend northward toward the confluence of the Magdalena and Cauca rivers. High plateaus were formed in the Quaternary Period by the deposition of sediments in depressions that had been occupied by lakes.

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The geologic Econ 102 quiz of this northern sector is less well understood than that of the central and southern parts. Colombia strongly reflects its history as a colony of Spain. In the cooler mountains, at intermediate elevations, modern cities are juxtaposed with traditional rural landscapes where mestizo farmers cultivate their small plots of coffee, corn maizeand other crops.

Its 1, miles 1, km of coast to the north are bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Seaand its miles 1, km of coast to the west are washed by the Pacific Ocean.

The economy is traditionally based on agriculture, particularly coffee and fruit production, but industries and services are increasing in importance. The Atlantic lowlands spread out southward behind it. From the Guaviare River northward the plains between the Andes and the Orinoco River are mostly grass-covered, forming the largest savanna complex in tropical America.

Narrow to the south, it broadens out in the high, unsettled massif of Sumapazwith elevations up to 13, feet 4, metres. From the shores of the Caribbean Sea inland to the lower spurs of the three major cordilleras extends a slightly undulating savanna surface of varying width, generally known as the Atlantic lowlands also called the Caribbean coastal lowlands.

Its broken, rugged topographytogether with its location near the Equator, creates an extraordinary diversity of climates, vegetation, soils, and crops.

The country is bordered by Panamawhich divides the two bodies of water, on the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil on the east, and Peru and Ecuador on the south. Steep and articulated bays, inlets, capes, and promontories accentuate the shoreline on the Pacific side toward the Panama border and on the Caribbean side where the sea beats against the base of the Santa Marta Mountains.

A region of great topographic uniformity, it is divided into two contrasting natural landscapes by a major vegetation boundary. Colombia is the most populous nation of Spanish-speaking South America.

The eastern lowland extends from the Venezuelan boundary along the Arauca and Meta rivers in the north to the Peruvian-Ecuadoran border stream, the Putumayosome miles 1, km to the south and from the base of the Cordillera Oriental eastward to the Orinoco - Negro river line, a distance of more than miles km.

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The Colombian cordilleras belong to the northern portion of the great Andean mountain system, which extends along the Pacific coast of South America. This slightly higher ground forms the watershed between the Amazon and Orinoco systems.

It is often referred to as the most Roman Catholic of the South American countries, and most of its people are proud of the relative purity of their Spanish language. Some 60 miles km south of Villavicencio the elongated, forested La Macarena Mountains rise 8, feet 2, metres from the surrounding lowlands, an isolated tropical ecosystem.

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Farther northeast beyond the deep canyons cut by the Chicamocha River and its tributaries, the Cordillera Oriental culminates in the towering Mount Cocuy Sierra Nevada del Cocuywhich rises to 18, feet 5, metres. Sandstones and shales of the Paleogene and Neogene periods about 65 to 2. Several of the latter reach well into the zone of permanent snow, above 15, feet 4, metres.

Two passes at elevations less than 5, feet 1, metres between Cali and Buenaventura on the Pacific coast mark the lowest depressions in the range. It is clear, however, that the entire cordillera has been thrust up through the subduction of the crumpled eastern margin of the Nazca Plate and, to the north, the Caribbean Plate under the more rigid but lighter South American Plate, which has been forced westward by the spreading Atlantic seafloor.

Land Relief Few countries boast such striking physical variety as does Colombia. The massive Cordillera Orientalseparating the Magdalena valley from the Llanos, is composed chiefly of folded and faulted marine sediments and older schists and gneisses.

See Article History Alternative Titles: The eastern two-thirds of the country, lying beyond the Andes, differs from cordilleran Colombia in practically all aspects of physical and human geography.

The more accessible Atlantic lowlands, dominated by large livestock haciendas and a tri-ethnic population, have a distinctively different character. These features are interspersed with sandy beaches, along with barrier islands and brackish lagoons. Volcanic activity in the geologic past blocked the middle course of the Cauca River to form a great lake that once filled the western inter-Andean trough for some miles km south of Cartago.The nature and purpose of economic activity Economic resources Scarcity, choice and the allocation of resources.

Prior knowledge: None. Official name República de Colombia (Republic of Colombia) Form of government unitary, multiparty republic with two legislative houses (Senate []; House of Representatives []).

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This Course List is meant to provide students with general information regarding available online courses. UMUC ECON Principles of Microeconomics Quiz 1 Answers. In the first chapter of The Wealth of Nations, Smith introduces the idea of the _____, which means the way in which the work required to produce a good or service is divided into a number of tasks that are performed by different workers.

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