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The whole point of this is that people have to be Essay information technology boon curse that everyone is aware of all the good and bad aspects of technology.

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They are supposed to be sent by companies selling anti-virus software for increasing their software demand. No doubt, science and technology has taken giant strides in recent times, but it has dehumanized human life in the same proportion. Internet, commonly known as World Wide Web, is another important application of Information Technology.

There may be more jobs or, in some cases, completely new kinds of jobs. Definitely, BOP has created jobs but only for educated and the technically qualified Indian elite which has effective communication skills.

Technology – a boon or bane?

It is man who is ultimately responsible for turning science into a curse instead a blessing. Then there are well-organised terrorist groups spread all over the world. Science has changed the face of the earth with its too many wonderful inventions and discoveries.

Whether we have to undergo a minor surgery take admission in a foreign institution, collected geographical information of any region, check the results of any examination, transfer money form one bank account to another, send and email, want to have chat with anybody in an corner of the world or want to search for the life partner of our choice, the Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to do so.

According to a survey, 67 percent of the people who surf the net, surf the pornographic sites. But with cut throat competition in mobile communication market among different companies, tariff rates fell down speedily.

The quality of life and standard of living, in various underdeveloped and developing counties, have improved and the countries are likely to be upgraded further. Human values have been pushed in the background and man has become more selfish, cruel, sensual, violent and destructive.

Shakespeare has said that there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. The great and significant researches in the fields, of agriculture, irrigation, water-management etc. What is important is to take right steps at the right time to control its misuse and, thank God, satisfactory steps are being taken by the Government.

With the advent of cyber cafes where one can surf the Internet at cheaper rates, Internet is easily accessible to everybody. The biological and chemical weapons are still more dangerous and destructive.

It is reported that about half a million scientists are now employed on weapon research throughout the world. They use these weapons in their desperation and use unprecedented deaths and ruination. Consequently, there is a new world economic order in sight and the gap between the developed and developing countries are being reduced.

Science has tamed forces of nature, conquered space and time, eradicated may fatal diseases, given us food, clothing etc. To promote and boost software industry in India, the Government has formulated Software Technology Parks.

If one of our ancestors were to return to the earth, he or she would not be able to recognize it-so tremendous, complete and fundamental has been the change. Unemployment numbers will most probably rise, crime will increase, and we can be the masters of technology, and not let it be the masters of us.

These weapons can be used to cause global havoc and destruction without any open declaration of war. Even if we have any query we can e-mail directly to the branch manager.

Controversial Essay on Information Technology : Boon or Bane

More essays like this: The bombs and other means of mass destruction now produced are far more lethal and powerful than used in Boon or Bane Article shared by Modern civilization has become so complicated and sophisticated that one has to be competitive enough to survive.

Rapid, unplanned and indiscriminate industrialization has resulted in pollution on a vast scale. These benefits and facilities were not available to our forefathers.Technology surrounds almost everyone in modern society today. It affects both work and leisure activities.

1055 Words Essay on Science a Blessing or a Curse

Technology contains information that many would rather it did not have. Information Technology has become something of great importance in the world today. It helps businesses function effectively and efficiently in most cases. IT also brings into view the competitive advantage among different companies as well.

Definitely a boon not a curse! This is like a bad worker complaining about his tools! Cyber-crimes, hacking, stealing of personal information, MMS scandals, illegal pornography and various other issues have emerged from the misuse of technology.

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The article discussed the harmful side of technology. Start Writing; For You; Is Technology Really A Boon Or A Curse? The tools you need to write a quality essay or term paper; Saved Essays. You Have Not Saved Any Essays. Topics in this paper.

technology as a whole can be classified into various groups. Some of the important ones are Information Technology, Biotechnology, Nuclear Technology, Medicine etc. Essays Related to Technology: a boon or a 3/5(10). Argumentative Essay Title: A curse or a blessing A curse or a blessing Final Draft Today life is not what it was a few decades ago.

Everything is evolving around us, including ourselves. Everything is evolving around us, including ourselves. Technology Blessing Or Curse. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, So technology is not a blessing or a curse, is both. We can not determine whether one of them.

Technology Boon or a Curse Essay Sample

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Essay information technology boon curse
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