Essay on simple living high thinking for class 8

Every one of these great personalities has left behind their own mark or marks in this universe, which is worth following in our life. Now-a-days thinking is confined to a subject or two in order to achieve mastery over them.

Imagination is also a way of thinking, which varies from person to person. He chose a loin-cloth for his dress. Businessmen and politicians surround these religious heads. We do not need branded clothes to wear or have wardrobes full of designer clothes.

People want to establish their name. It is desirable for securing a meaningful present for man and is essential for safeguarding the long-term interests of coming generations.

That explains the richness of their thought and profundity of their philosophy left to posterity in the Upanishads and Shastras. More thinkers feel that elaborate living is more conductive to the service of humanity than simple living.

In the process, they neglect imparting proper education and values to their children who more often than not squander the hardearned wealth of their fathers. From time immemorial, thinkers from every corner of the would have emphasized the importance of simple living and high thinking.

Social workers are the other people who come under the garb of simple living and high thinking. They try to enjoy and en cash all the benefits that the elected post bestows on them. Time spent in accumulating wealth is not available for cultivating the mind by reading or contemplation.

Of course at the beginning of political career many of these politicians do some work just to attain popularity.

1198 Words Essay on Simple Living and High Thinking

We should not impose our thinking on others. I completely agree with his thoughts and have tried though not fully successfully to emulate this in my own life. It is up to man to put it to any use he likes. High thinking is not compatible with ostentatious living. Greater the personality, greater would be his or her sphere of thinking.

These make manna selfish slave of material acquisitions. However, no point in having huge fuel guzzling vehicles to move around. It is a coterie consisting of inner circle of religious heads, politicians, and businessmen. Life of every great personality is worth emulating for one or another reason.

High thinking means always thinking of society, nation, humanity with a view to improve or do well in every respect and thinking a little about themselves. Majority of politicians wear simple attire just to give an impression to the general public that they are leading a simple life.

No man is perfect. Everybody is after fame.

Simple Living and High Thinking Essay

They mingle with poor people too until they grow up in stature. They lived in mud huts, kept a few cows for milk and cultivated a small piece of land for meeting their needs for food. Simple living is the right way to live.

Living should not be postponed even during youth in the hope of a better old age. Gandhiji, therefore, became not only a leader of men but a Mahatma who was almost worshipped by the masses even during his life time.Simple Living High Thinking Good morning, respected Principal Ma’am, worthy teachers and my dear friends.

Today I am going to throw light on the topic ‘Tradition against Modernity. Simple living and high thinking is a way of life. It indicates that one should devote one’s life to the pursuit of knowledge and culture instead of bothering about high standard of living.

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Short essay for kids on Simple.

Short Essay on “Simple Living, High Thinking” in Hindi

Simple Living High Thinking Simple living and high thinking most of the people would like to follow this ideal in their day-to-day life. In olden days people used to go to a forest and eat berries & roots, live in a cottage with this intention only.

Simple Living High Thinking

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Simple living, high thinking Essay

Speech. Speech on ''SIMPLE LIVING,HIGH THINKING" Mahatma Gandhi was once asked to describe an ideal life style and he responded by saying "Simple Living and High Thinking". I completely agree with his thoughts and have tried (though not fully successfully) to emulate this in my own living is the right way to.

Essay on simple living high thinking for class 8
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