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These fossils not only provide evidence that the Himalayas once existed on a coastline, but also information about climate change and plate movement. They help in the breeding of fish.

Then Dibang and Luhit join it and the united stream is known as Brahmaputra. The trekkers have to wear special shoes. They are the Vindhayachal and the Satpura range. The formation of the Himalayas resulted in the lighter rock of the seabeds of that time being lifted up into mountains.

Later, about 25 million years ago Middle Miocene Period came another mountain building period, which led to the formation of the low Shivalik ranges. It has the tallest peak measuring about 28, feet from the sea level.

Tochi and Bolan passes in the Himalayas have often served as the highways of active interaction with the outside world by way of foreign invasion and racial immigration. The glaciers which form in the Himalayas are sometimes deceptive.

It is navigable upto Dibrugarh in Assam for a distance of about Kms.

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The two land masses, the Eurasian and the Indian sub-continent, moved closer and closer. When the snow melts on the high mountains, it flows in big streams. They separate Southern and Northern India.

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Ocean trenches and volcanoes Where is the youngest ocean floor found? Such rivers are found in Northern India.

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Of the fifteen highest mountain peaks in the World, nine are in the Nepali Himalayas. Although the phase of major upheaval of the Himalayas has passed, the Himalayas are still rising, albeit at a much slower rate. India is a peninsula that is cut off from the rest of Asia by the mountains.

In the north-west, the Khyber pass about 32 Kms. Around this period, the super continent Pangea began to gradually split into different land masses and move apart in different directions.

It was not, however, Everest who first survey the mountain, but Andrew Waugh who took over the role of Surveyor General after Everest. Thereafter it is joined by its Himalayan tributaries, the Jamuna which joins it at Allahabadthe Gogra, the Gandhaka and the Kosi and other tributaries like Chambal and Son.

They are accumulations of thick snow and sometimes the deposits of snowfall or the glaciers may have formed over a crevice. During the cold winters most of the animals migrate to the lower regions of the Himalayas while others like the brown bear hibernate instead.

Secondly, there are rivers, which dry up in summer season. Such rivers are found in Southern India. The Himalayas also contain some high plateaus and valleys like the Kashmir valley.

Essay on Himalayas — Their Importance Article shared by Great poets have sung songs in the praise of mountains and rivers of India. In the last century, the east coast of the United States has moved about 8 ft.

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, his Sherpa guide, became the first people to successfully climb to the peak of Mount Everest in The mountains form an impenetrable defensive rampart of India against any invasion.

Contents Formation of the Himalayas Edit Geologically, the origin of the Himalayas is the impact of the Indian tectonic plate.Mountains in Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin´s Three Cups of Tea Essay - Mountains—they are unequivocally distinctive. Some would believe that mountains are God’s creation that surpasses the heavens, and others would say that the world evolved to form such megalithic structures.

The formation of the Himalayas resulted in the lighter rock of the seabeds of that time being lifted up into mountains. An often-cited fact used to illustrate this process is that the summit of Mount Everest is made of marine limestone.

First, the high Himalayas are called, “The Sentry of India”. They are so high that no enemy could invade India by crossing them. So they are like a natural wall which separates Indian from Tibet, Sherpa Tensing, and Indian citizen was the first person to conquer the highest mountain peak of the world Mount Everest.

himalayas Essay THE HIMALAYAS: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT It is a mountain range in Asia separating the Indian sub-continent and the Tibetan plateau. The Himalayas include over a hundred mountains exceeding 7, metres in height. The Himalayas - Young Fold Mountains; The Himalayas – Young Fold Mountains Essay Sample.

Pages: 3; Word count: ; The accepted theory about the formation of the Himalayas started to take shape in the year when German meteorologist Alfred Wegener developed his Theory of Continental Drift.

According to Wegener, the earth. The Geology of the Himalayas is particularly important because it helps us to understand the formation of large mountain belts and how these regions vary over time.

Formation of himalayas essay writer
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