Funny incident that happen to me

Now he was using his new car. It felt like the triple A truck was never going to come. I told the story to other classmates next day and they found it very funny and interesting as well. Its possible only in India I guess.

Describe an experience that made you laugh. Scraped, bloody, sweaty, and tears just flowing, I burst through the front door.

The person used to wait on scooter was the driver. We started laughing and I proposed to two of the groupmates to give their cell phones and wrist watched as the alternatives of the bill.

Funny Incidents - Can happen only in India

Please feel free to comment on them. At least I can never manage to forget this date owing to how much we laughed at this! I explained to aunty again about the tea in the breakfast but again the same reply — that she does not send tea in breakfast. I could have caught him and given him some punches here and there.

I do bunk office these days. So happy was he, that you could see a glow on his face! We, at XIMB, have regular birthday celebrations and as a mandatory thing for birthday we have birthday cakes. That night, I went for a session of Science tuition class which was started at 7. But then a bunch of stray dogs sleeping nearby woke up and started barking back at us.

One of my neighbour, Nisha didi asked me for a help. How big is the nose of Patel sir? You can always call and ask for clarification when you need it. Playing outside, meeting up in groups of five or more to just hang around at the park for several hours.

Third incident is of Augustwhen I shifted to a new paying guest in Mysore.Funny Incident That Happen to Me Essay Sample.

10 Funniest Incidents that can Happen with you

I don’t know where should this thread be posted. I think here is the most suitable place, so i post here. Funny Incident That Happen to Me Essay right place. Ty Okay, i'm sure there're many forumers here are good in english. So, can anyone please do me a favor. Pls help to check mistakes for this essay.

A funny incident A funny incident occurred when I was in the 8th standard. It was a normal day at school. Our dramatic competition was not. Read story Funny stories that actually happened to me: Trip to the mall by staceelynn (Stacee) with 18, reads.

real, funny, stories. So since I'm not a Reviews: 8. The funny incident that I remember occurred was almost years ago that I would like to describe. That time I was a student at a university and I was in my 7th semester. We had a group assignment and to collect data we went to some libraries after our class.

In the evening, I found that my group. Mar 11,  · Funny Incidents - Can happen only in India This is a discussion on Funny Incidents - Can happen only in India within Street Experiences, part of the Buckle Up category; I am listing below few of the incidents which I have seen personally in my life in connection with the.

Search Results. Recall Of Childhood Incident For some reason I found the whole thing funny and laughed happily while the car passed over me a long time I had thought the whole incident was a dream as it .

Funny incident that happen to me
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