How femininities and masculinities were constructed in latin america essay

However, there was diverged on the interactivity of men and women creating a new ways of social interaction both in power and social activities. Thus, both homosexuals and commercial heterosexuals never escape the legal authorities, but mercilessly and without impunity faces the full charges of legal courts where they duly pay their debts.

Betsy and Hal look pretty much like a typical white, middle class, midwestern American couple. The gang emerges as a localised contestation of emasculation, a way of protecting their dignity, the last refuge of the poor.

The mother plays with her children in a more cerebral and intimate way while the father engages in a more physical, "rough-housing" sort of play. Some contend that the strongest correlates of gang membership occur at a subjective level, including exposure to domestic and community violence, delinquency and drugs Higginson et al.

The Spanish-speaking countries are: Youth, masculinity and social exclusion, London: He describes these as relatively arbitrary choices mediated by cultural norms and traditions, identifying "masculinity versus femininity" as one of five basic dimensions in his theory of cultural dimensions.

Like a jewel, virginity was preserved by most of females in the Brazilian community of Latinos. Regional trends demonstrated with quantitative data include the massive incorporation of women into paid work, demographic masculinization of the countryside and feminization of cities, rapidly increasing gaps that favor women over men in education and life expectancy, and extraordinarily high levels of violence against men.

Yeah, well [I joined the gang] for a lot of reasons.

Masculinities and Femininities in Latin America's Uneven Development

Sex And The State: These acted as buffers to gang entry by fostering a moral rejection of the gang and helping them to socialise away from gang circles. The Colonial to Contemporary Period The history of Latin America can only be understood in its relations with other countries and continents.

He never uses an egalitarian word like "enclosure" for intercourse. A masculine logic of gang membership A short explanation The conspicuous consumption and riches of gangsta glamour standout as preferential pathways to manhood against the backdrop of exclusion in poor neighbourhoods across Latin American and Caribbean.

Masculinities and femininities in Latin America's uneven development

Little is understood in Latin America about why so many girls and young women are seemingly attracted to gang members when the risks of sexual abuse and rape are widespread, nor how this might contribute to cycles of gang membership and gang culture.

All texts I read seemed to downplay or not list the number of them here. Like in the antiquity of the Israelites, prostitution and homosexuality are illegal in the face of Ecuador dwellers.

How femininities and masculinities were constructed in Latin America Essay

It occurs in a context of patriarchal institutions where the "male is norm", or the masculine is authoritative. We should be cautious not to blame vulnerable young women for gang membership, but there is clearly a need to grasp the dynamics of their interactions with gang members better.

Latin America Essay Examples

Counter-intuitively, violence can be interruptive as well as reproductive. University of California Press, Cities and conflict in fragile states in the developing world. In spite of their derivation, masculinity and maleness are widely distinct entities, hence they have meaning which are quite unrelated.Femininity is partially socially constructed, being made up of both socially-defined and biologically-created factors.

[2] [3] [4] This makes it distinct from the definition of the biological female sex, [5] [6] as both males and females can exhibit feminine traits.


Studies of men and masculinities in Latin America (Viveros-Vigoya, a, Gutmann and Viveros-Vigoya, ; Ramı´rezRamı´rez, ;Cruz Sierra, ) show that such violence has been a.

Masculinity and femininity has been displayed in numerous ways in the Latin America. The intimacy of power and sexuality is like nut and bolt. Since the creation of human nature, they have always fitted into each other forming a bound which is hard to break.

This book forges a new approach to historical and geographical change by asking how gender arrangements and dynamics influence the evolution of institutions and environments.

The Masculinities of Gang Violence in Latin America and Caribbean

Engendering Gendered Knowledge Africa, and Central and Latin America. These particular pieces formed 5 percent of the core articles. An excellent example is a study that utilized a mixed methodology—a survey, focus group discussions, and interviews. research that includes the type of masculinities and femininities constructed within.

In the three case studies and her insightful analytical chapters, Paulson poses critical questions about men and masculinity in Latin America in order to ask how individuals and communities strive to produce territories that provide sustainable communities, economies and ecologies.

How femininities and masculinities were constructed in latin america essay
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