How the von tiesenhausen lunar rover works

View her Space Camp Hall of Fame video here. It was the launch of Sally Ride on Challenger that sparked her dreams and sealed her fate. View his Space Camp Hall of Fame video here.

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Penny still credits Space Camp for providing the best training for her current position. Georg von Tiesenhausen was more than a witness to history…he was one of its designers. Jim Rice spends his days, literally, looking for life on Mars.

Vincent, the brain and energy behind the original, unofficial Space Camp social network, Hab1. West Orange, NJ University of Maryland, College Park An accomplished journalist, sought-after space history expert and respected appraiser of space memorabilia, Robert Pearlman was on the first to recognize the internet as a means of promoting space exploration.

Space Camp Hall Of Fame

A gifted teacher, Dr. There is no doubting the accomplishments of Major Phillip A. Most recently, Amanda has become an instructor and certified OSO Operations Support Officer flight controller responsible for helping ISS crews execute routine preventative maintenance as well as perform troubleshooting and repairs for unexpected failures on systems ranging from the toilet, to life support equipment, to the onboard computers and everything in between.

Francis French has remained true to his first love and continues to pursue his passion to the benefit of thousands of lifelong learners.

Hanson is post-doctoral research scientist and engineer in the Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at the University of Washington, Seattle, focusing on developing technology to monitor musculoskeletal health in astronauts during long-duration space missions to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Buckbee has spent more than 40 years championing all things space. It is no wonder that Jim adds the Space Camp Hall of Fame honor to the other state, national and international honors he has received for his significant contributions to the visually impaired community and a more accessible world.

In her time at NASA, she has trained crews and flight controllers to operate science experiments, life support systems and thermal equipment, and respond to spacecraft emergencies such as fires and cabin depressurization. After serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom — and not satisfied with just any dream job, Major Smith secured perhaps the ultimate dream job.

The engineers did more than befriend Rice; they helped him obtain an internship with NASA in which he helped select a landing site for a project that would send the first robot to Mars.

After completion of her astronaut training, Dottie was assigned to the STS crew and flew to the International Space Station on the Space Shuttle Discovery in April — exactly twenty years to the month after graduating from Space Academy.

His work includes regular collaborations with NASA, retired astronauts, notable astronomers and astronomical observatories around the world.

Her dreams were realized when five years of research culminated in a space shuttle experiment that flew aboard STS in August of However, Penny has found her true passion in her current position where she serves as a Space Station Payloads Communications Manager PAYCOM which really means she is one of the few people in the world who gets to talk to the astronauts who are living and working on the International Space Station to assist them with their daily science activities.

A highly-decorated combat veteran and survival expert, SGM Gleason is the author of the Aviation Challenge Land Survival training and has inspired more than a few young men and women to follow their dreams of pursuing a military career.

She never thought of working for NASA and considered the space agency as a place reserved for astronauts only, but a trip to the Adult Space Camp program while still in college opened a world of new possibilities.Dr.

Sarah Noble Dr.

Sarah Noble is a Program Scientist in the Planetary Sciences Division at NASA HQ. Her science research focuses on understanding how soil develops on airless bodies, like the moon and asteroids, and her responsibilities at HQ includes serving as Program Scientist for the upcoming Psyche mission and the SSERVI institute.

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How the von tiesenhausen lunar rover works
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