International marketing mktg 4113

MKTG Choose 9 s.

MKTG 4113 - International Marketing

However, the accelerated program allows the student to meet up to 27 s. As part of the foundations curriculum requirements, minor field, concentration, and electives, the student will prepare for the accelerated MBA program by completing the following courses with a grade of A or B: Telecommunications and Networked Systems 3 S P: MKTG ; additional 6 s.

Distribution Management 3 P: The typical MBA program requires two years, or 60 s. Supply Chain Management focuses on the sourcing, operations, and logistics of products and services. International Accounting 3 P: MATH or or equivalent or equivalent introductory statistics course.

There is a separate entry process for admission to the MBA program. Supply Chain Management graduates pursue career choices as managers of purchasing, inventory, logistics, operations, quality, and supply chains. Minimum degree requirement is s. Both areas of study involve the management of relationships.

Business Administration Minor The minor requires 24 s. MATH or or equivalent Business core - 36 s. Appropriate score on mathematics placement test or approval of dept chair PHIL Electronic Commerce 3 F,S P: Foundations curriculum requirements See Section 4, Foundations Curriculum Requirements for all Baccalaureate Degree Programsincluding those listed below - 42 s.

Distribution Management 3 F P: Supply Chain Management 3 S P: The electronic commerce concentration prepares students for careers in web-based marketing and customer service.

Project Management 3 F,S P: Math ECON The remaining 33 s.

2016-2017 Southeastern University Catalog

Marketing and Supply Chain Management programs are concerned with the creation and delivery of value to customers and organizations. General Descriptive Chemistry 4 FC: Students who are unable to complete the entire program should consult their advisor or the assistant dean of graduate programs in the College of Business for the most appropriate combination of courses.

International Finance 4 S P: Students must consult the assistant dean for graduate programs in the College of Business at the beginning of their senior year about the entry requirements.

Supply Chain Systems 3 S P: SO Cognates - 6 s.

Focus Areas

OMGT Electives to complete requirements for graduation. Logistics and Materials Management 3 F P: Marketing focuses on developing an understanding of customers and markets, creating products and services based on that understanding, and communicating and delivering the value added.

If another statistics course is substituted, an additional business course numbered or above will be required to meet requirements for the minor.

Junior standing; completion of a minimum of 3 s. OMGT Choose 3 s. Retail Management 3 P:Complete these courses instead of the Marketing Major Courses for a concentration in Retail Marketing.

2017-2018 Southeastern University - Traditional & Graduate Catalog

MKTG - RETAIL MANAGEMENT Credits: 3 MKTG - ADVERTISING Credits: 3. MKTGInternational Marketing POSCIntroduction to Comparative Politics POSCMiddle Eastern Political Systems PSYCultural Psychology SOCPopulation and Demography SEE AN ADVISOR & DECLARE YOUR MINOR TODAY International Studies Minor 2 + 4.

Course Equivalency Project Marketing NWOSU MK International Marketing MRKT 1,5,6 Marketing OC MK International Marketing MKTG Marketing ORU MK International Marketing MKT Marketing OSU MK International Marketing MKTG Marketing RCC MK International Marketing MRKT 1.

international human development, society, and education This focus concentrates on courses that will help the student understand humanitarian and social issues in diverse cultural settings. A marketing concentration prepares students for management careers in advertising, sales, research, distribution, product planning, and international marketing.

Supply Chain Management graduates pursue career choices as managers of purchasing, inventory, logistics, operations, quality, and supply chains. Southeastern University academic catalogs. Course Filter Filter this list of courses using course prefix, course code, keywords or any combination.

International marketing mktg 4113
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