Linguistic thesis proposal

You will be asked to send us two documents: Please choose your referees carefully. We expect referees to send us confidential references, and to send them direct to us. We will also take into account anything your referees say about your academic performance and readiness for postgraduate work.

However, if you are applying to do research in language teaching you may find it useful if your employer or a more senior colleague can comment positively on your professional work, especially in the area of professional development.

The proposal defence should preferably take place at SFU, Burnaby campus. Students often change their minds, at least to some degree, after discussions with their supervisor. A Pearson PTE Academic result of at least 62 overall with no less than 62 in the reading and writing elements and 55 in the speaking and listening elements IELTS certificates are valid for 24 months.

Your application and your proposal form are considered by the PhD Admissions Committee of the Department. PhD Linguistics by Research Only Most students start their period of registration in October, though a January start date is also possible.

Make a Difference Today. Upon successful completion of all of the above requirements, including passing the dissertation proposal defense, the student becomes a candidate for the Ph. You should think very carefully about this statement and treat it as an opportunity to show what your interests are and how you will be able to benefit from postgraduate study in our department.

It does not commit you to doing exactly what you describe. We use your research proposal: The dissertation proposal should be a minimum of double-spaced pages though exact length depends on the topic and should be discussed with the advisor and describe a course of work in some detail, laying out issues, questions, and problems for investigation, relevant data, and methods for investigation, examining also how the proposed work will bear on larger theoretical issues in the field and demonstrating a mastery of the relevant literature on the topic.

If you are unsure whether your English language qualifications are acceptable, please contact us. Only full time students studying in Lancaster may start in October, all other students must start in January.

This will help us in deciding whether or not to offer you a place.

Guidelines for PhD Proposal Defence

Personal Statement We would like to see a clear statement, in your own words, telling us in as much detail as you can about why you want to take the course or undertake the research that you have chosen and what you hope to achieve by doing it.

We need both references before we can begin to consider your application, so it is important that you ask your referees to write your references promptly.

For more information and general guidelines on dissertation format and submission, students may contact the Dissertation Officelocated on the first floor of Regenstein Library. Research proposal We cannot process your PhD application unless you include a research proposal, preferably on our research proposal form setting out what research you want to do, why you want to do it, and how you intend to carry it out.

The organizing of a departmental colloquium given by an external examiner is the responsibility of the Colloquium Committee, such an event being independent from the administering of the defence.

Please make sure that you tell your referees that a reference which is written purely according to a formula, or which only mentions that you are of a good character and perform your duties well, is not useful. An internet-based TOEFL result of at least 93 overall with no less than 24 in the reading and writing elements and 22 in the speaking and listening elements or [Option 3]: An academic reference from an employer or other person is usually only useful if they can speak credibly about your suitability for postgraduate studies - for example, if they have studied for a higher degree themselves.My dissertation proposal contributes to the eld of linguistics, the study of human language, more speci cally theoretical linguistics, which concerns itself with modeling what people must know in order to speak and understand language { as opposed to, say, the study of particular languages.

How to Apply. We look forward to receiving applications from everyone who has the ability to benefit from our programmes.

How to Apply

PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework. PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework: Proposal Form (PDF) PhD in Applied Linguistics by Thesis and Coursework: Application Form.

Dissertation Proposal Information Dissertation proposal guidelines Fromthe format for dissertation proposals has changed, with the department adopting the option of NSF-style proposals.

Suggested Outline for Thesis/Dissertation Proposals1 Department of Anthropology This outline is only a suggestion for structuring your thesis or dissertation proposal; students must consult with their advisor about the format, length, Ethnologist for sociocultural, Linguistic Anthropology for linguistics.

Proposal for a research project: Language, Culture and Identity in Migrant Narratives Introduction: Relevance of this project Immigration to Norway has increased dramatically the past thirty years with migrants coming from. THE PHONOLOGICAL INFLUENCE ON PHONETIC CHANGE Josef Fruehwald William Labov This dissertation addresses the broad question about how phonology and phonetics are interre-lated, speciVcally how phonetic language changes, which gradually alter the phonetics of speech sounds, aUect the phonological system of the language.

Linguistic thesis proposal
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