Reaction paper on outreach programs

One thing that struck me was the warmth and hospitality they have shown and given us. That spells out another difference. Employee Volunteer Days Community outreach requires commitment.

Essays, term papers, research papers related: Based on the pictures posted on facebook, I could conclude that it was indeed an inspiring and heartwarming activity that encouraged each and every one of us to exercise making other people happy.

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Everyone in the barangay knows everyone, the neighbors help each other out; families back each other up and are always there for each other.

They welcome us to their home ad treat us like guests. College Education term papers Disclaimer: There are many ways a business can become involved in its surrounding community. I felt symphathy arising from within me and keep on asking myself "why does they still smile despite of what happened to their home?

Compilation of Essay, Poems, Reactions, Etc.

Most communities have many causes a business might want to support. Closing up shop for a day of volunteering or asking staff to donate weekend time is a financial commitment and a risk. I saw the situation there, I was able to experience how it is to live in a world different from mine.

And I also learned that there are so much more I can give besides material needs. Simply being with them and giving part of my time and myself will live far longer than any food, money or clothing donations in their hearts.

Many business leaders who survey employees discover they are already affiliated with a charitable cause for personal reasons. There may be a meeting where a check is given and the membership body—at a school PTA meeting or award assembly, for example—announces a new community partner.

Having the opportunity to interact with the less fortunate children gave them an additional learning in life. Among them is "What next? The activity had helped me to be trained to serve the community in the best way that I can.

In their own little ways, they made them happy. But after seeing people who was affected by the typhoon, I had a sudden change of heart. It also taught me that life is not all about receiving, but also about giving and sharing what one can offer.

They are very thankful for the help our school has given to their children, which might be one reason why they wanted us to be as comfortable as possible.

During the time that our teachers were reminding us about the goods that we are going to donate, I was actually opposed to it. That being said, getting out to do a community cleanup or help with a leukemia walk in the neighborhood not only helps the business build a positive community reputation but also gives employees an opportunity to feel good about service.

We could make a meaningful day by doing good deeds for other people.

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And we trampled it with our muddy shoes. I have learned through them that happiness and contentment are choices. Since my hometown was affected by the typhoon, I assisted my mom in cleaning the place and helping the people get the electricity back.

Despite their situation, I noticed that the people in Camarin are generally happy. The outreach program made me realize that somehow in some simple ways, we could bring happiness to others.

Love was very visible. These are the things that encourage me to volunteer in repacking of goods in our school although some students are already doing it, I still insisted on helping.

Report Story Helping other people makes me feel happy a lot. The free College Education research paper The Outreach Program essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. We are two planes on the same ground. These skills help a wide range of people who appreciate the assistance and are more than happy to share positive information about your company.

I think the purpose of Panuluyan is to teach that those who have more are expected more.Youth Programs; EngageTLH.

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EngageTLH, formerly known as the Community Outreach Program, gives students the opportunity to get involved in community service on a regular basis, with projects to choose from almost daily.

Projects are student-led and are offered at a variety of nonprofit agencies. Students can sign up for projects as early as one. Aug 10,  · Check out our top Free Essays on Reflection Paper On Outreach Programs to help you write your own Essay.

Read Reflection Paper during Community Outreach #1 from the story Compilation of Essay, Poems, Reactions, Etc.

by nonpreficio (Nonpreficio) with 7, reads. s. College Education term papers (paper ) on The Outreach Program: The Panuluyan was a real eye-opener for me. It made me become aware of the things, which I have normally taken for granted.

It was so su. Term paper Businesses benefit when the community perception of the business is positive. One way to build a positive reputation in the community is to participate in outreach programs.

Community Outreach manage these and other chronic conditions. Results of the community outreach programs demonstrate that interventions by nurse-led teams using individual treatment.

Reaction paper on outreach programs
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