School should start later in the morning persuasive essay

Many districts bus kids to high school first, then rerun the routes for the elementary schools. I always feel as if am in a rush. So did a controlled experiment completed by the U.

Persuasive Essay About Why School Should Start Later

Its just the fact that I have to get up early that makes going to school depressing. Moving on into the body of your essay, carry on following your outline, setting up each point and presenting your evidence as you go.

Persuasive Essay 1 Why school should start later: After one semester, when school began at 8: See what could happen if school started later? Think of yourself as a politician trying to persuade an audience to vote for him or her. If I get home around 7: Still other studies indicate that delaying start times raises attendance, lowers depression rates and reduces car crashes among teens, all because they are getting more of the extra sleep they need.

A lot of working days would have to change significantly for people to get to work on time if high school started at 10 am instead. Something could easily go wrong within those few hours we are at home, but if we get out of school later we would be getting home closer to the time our parents get home.

She published a large study in February that tracked more than 9, students in eight public high schools in Minnesota, Colorado and Wyoming.

One study shows that students are more likely to show up to class when school starts later. Why does school start early? Another study shows that most students even receive slightly better grades when school starts later. It is just too early for the average mind of a kid to operate.

School Should Start Later Essay

After being up late last night, your school day started at 8: Kids would get more sleep, it could be safer and more convenient and students might not have to rush at night when they do work.

This is because students are less tempted to show up to school late or to cut class in order to get a nap in. Start off by taking a firm stance with your thesis statement. And the later the start, the better. Traffic, too, will be more spread out, easing congestion, and students can take the time to get a good breakfast and be really mentally prepared for the day.

And the later the delay, the greater the payoff. Start by briefly reiterating what your points were, and finish with a bang by calling on your audience to take some action in response to your essay.

This is due to staying up later for homework and other activities. The phase shift, driven by a change in melatonin in the brain, begins around age 13, gets stronger by ages 15 and 16, and peaks at ages 17, 18 or Starting later results in benefits for teachers, benefits for students, and also for parents.

Also it could be more convenient for parents because if students get out later parents might not have to arrange a bunch of places for their children to go after school.

School Starts Too Early

Many recent studies show that if school started later it would have extensive benefits for the students. Biological research shows that circadian rhythms shift during the teen years, pushing boys and girls to stay up later at night and sleep later into the morning.

When students are not mad that they have to go to school and are somewhat happy to be there, they end up learning more.

Persuasive Essay 1 Why school should start later: Rough Draft

When I get home after school and after my other activities it is about 7:Why School Should Start Later. School days are not supposed to start before a.m. This fact is supported by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine that links early school days to car accidents along the roads, depression among the young ones and increase in poor performances academically.

School Starts Too Early. The later high school classes start in the morning, the more academic performance improves. I think school should start later in the day because it would be beneficial to all students by increasing safety and academic performances. The students would be more alert and on task and it would be a lot less stressful for both the students and the staff at the school.

Many studies have shown that a later start time for school can be quite beneficial for the students. I believe that school should start later due to many reasons that I will address.

We will write a custom essay sample on School Should Start Later specifically for you for only $ $/page. Whether you feel school should start later in the morning, or should not, you need to figure out why, and the reasons and benefits (or negatives) in your own mind, first of all.

Make a quick outline with your statement of purpose at the top, followed by each point you want to make and the evidence you are going to use to support each point. Persuasive Essay 1 Why school should start later: Rough Draft Page history last edited by simon 5 years, 10 months ago Get up atshower, get dressed, eat, brush teeth, go to school.

School should start later in the morning persuasive essay
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