Short essay on water pollution in india

You may join me on Facebook Related Post. Pollution of freshwaters results largely from the case of waste disposal there. However, a loud noise in a quiet residential area which keeps everyone awake at night does count as noise pollution. Dissolved oxygen is the oxygen present in water required by the aquatic system to continue the lives of plants and animals.

Inthe Ganges caught fire near Monghyr Bihar because of the oily effluent discharged from the Barauni Oil Refinery.

Essay on River Water Pollution in India | Environmental Pollution

Our environment acts as a natural world for us and provides a protection to us from the natural calamities. Water pollution is the contamination of drinking water by the poisonous pollutants generated by the human activities.

Pollution Essay 10 words Environmental pollution is the big issue now for the whole human fraternity on this planet today. Flow of waste products from glass industry, hydrocarbon producing industry etc. Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the growing number of automobiles, release of poisonous gases, smoke from industrial companies, finely dissolved solids, liquid aerosols, etc in the atmosphere.

However biochemical oxygen is the demanded oxygen by the aerobic micro-organisms to oxidize organic matters of wastes. Long and Short Essay on Pollution in English Pollution in India is a big environmental issue which everyone must be aware of.

Ina Central Ganga Authority was established by the government to start the Ganga Action Plan in order to control the Ganga water pollution.

Essay on Water Pollution in India (For School Students)

Health hazards such as malaria, filariasis, hepatitis and cholera can also spread. If the industrial garbage and the agricultural waste are kept lying in heaps on bare soil, the soil polluted. It is a big problem in India. We are not getting the better oxygen in the air because air polluted in the India.

A survey was carried out in along 21 km stretch of the river Gomati in the vicinity of Lucknow receiving Other hydrocarbon particles get settled down through rain water from air to ocean or sea water.

Short Paragraph on Water Pollution

The water of the Ganges flowing by the side of both Varanashi and Calcutta is extremely polluted and contains all sorts of dangerous bacteria. Decreasing number of the plants day by day increasing the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the environment as plants are the main sources of the carbon dioxide gas utilization.

Recent WHO data show that about 21 per cent of all communicable diseases in India are water-borne diseases. Soiled water from the big sewage system, other garbage from the households, by-products from the factories and industries are directly mixing to the rivers, lake and oceans.

River Mini-Mahi in Baroda is another heavily polluted river which is loaded with a variety of industrial and petrochemical wastes. Many new companies are opening in the industry and do more to grow their business in the competitive field.

It contains various types of impurities such as dissolved gases, dissolved minerals, suspended matters and even microbes. Some other habits like open burning of household garbage, etc are also worsening the air quality.

If we pollute them, then the existence of man and nature will be hampered.Find paragraph, long and short essay on Water Pollution for your The condition of water pollution is much worse in the India than other countries having high.

Essay on Water Pollution in India (For School Students) Water pollution is most often Essay on Water Pollution in India and its Control ; Short Essay for.

Water pollution, like other types of Water Pollution Causes Effects And Solutions Environmental Sciences Essay. Print fauna and other living things in the. Environmental pollution is the biggest menace to the human race on this planet today.

water, air, plants and animals Short Essay on Environmental Pollution. Water Pollution is the contamination of water bodies. It occurs as a result of introduction of pollutants in water.

Essay on Water Pollution

The sources, effects, and control measures of. The pollutants undergo many reactions and can become hazardous. 70 % of India’s fresh water is Short Essay for School Students on “Water Pollution.

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Short essay on water pollution in india
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