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Book vs. Film – Shutter Island

Ted would like a glass of soda. Many have been introduced to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. When they hug, Teddy finally wakes up. Crawley reveals that Teddy is in fact Andrew Laeddis, and that Teddy does not exist, Emily reveals herself to him as the one who played Rachel.

However, as an Academy Award winner, Scorsese does not apply a variety of shots to the scene. Running water is a typical thriller theme, signifying danger and time running out.

Teddy says that he is a bad sailor because he does not like water. If it is a long shot of the character standing alone it gives the audience a sense of loneliness and being isolated.

However, without good acting from the character, the shot can be disturbing and not enjoyable for the audience, or the emotions from the actor cannot be shown clearly. Having a close study of a film, we can discover that there are often similar shots to the movie in the past.

Audience should be expecting a conversation about the missing prisoner, Rachel Solando. He then finds that she went crazy and drowned their kids in the lake.

Shutter Island Essay

It is because he wants the audience to focus on the conversation among the characters. For example, Shutter Island is a mysterious thriller. Like Marion in Psycho, audience would assume that she is an important role of the film, however, she died very soon.

Cawley asks for what the gentlemen want to drink.

Analysis of Shutter Island Essay

Of course, this is the same with all other books and their movie counterparts. Crawley Ben Kingsleyreveals to Teddy that he has been living in a fantasy world.

This is where the movie begins. Examples of completed orders. In the movie, most of this dream is left out and the only part they show is when Andrew came home, after catching a fugitive, and finds that Dolores drowned their kids.

Then Rachel arrives and Teddy lets he take the little girl away. As an intelligent marshal, Ted defends his profession by pointing out Dr. This storyline as told is the same in both the book and the movie. Crawley says that the staff at the hospital played along with the fantasy to bring him out of it.

A very common shot that Scorsese used is the depth of field. He created Rachel Solando and the missing patient investigation with her, to create an explanation for him why he was on that island. When this breakthrough is made, Dr. Furthermore, Shutter island essay example a close study of a film can help s understand the style of films of different genres.

There is also a large amount of other techniques used with sound such as random high pitched piano notes throwing off the attention of the audience and creating an uneasy environment. For example, medium shots are used to show what the character is doing; close up is to show subjects subjectively.

He dreams of all different memories from his real life, that are finally coming back to him. Then, he wakes up in his bed at Ashcliff, but he is still dreaming.

So although there were not any major changes, the movie leaves out scenes like the journal of Dr. This helps the storyline by making the audience understand why certain events happen without being in the situation that the character is in.

Both of these works touch upon the notions of alter ego, the juxtaposition between fantasy and reality, and sanity, as was previously stated. His father thought it was motion, but it was not. Dolores was manic depressive and many people told Andrew that he should get her help, but he would not listen.

That is just 1 idea that these two functions research. In addition, the second major scene in the book was also left out of the movie.

Using the depth of field technique, the audience can focus on the focal point. Basically this dream takes place in a lake house, where Teddy is gathering with people he has already known to have died.

This technique makes the audience more anticipating. So he created a world where he was Teddy Daniels, who was more of a heroic figure.Essay about Shutter Island versus The Shining - Rene Descartes was a philosopher who introduced a popular philosophical method called Radical Doubt in his book Meditations on First Philosophy.

Descartes “proposed discarding any kind of belief that could be doubted, [because it] might be false”. Essay on Movie Review: Shutter Island - The movie Shutter Island is an excellent movie presenting memorable twists and not to mention, many aspects from a psychological point of view.

The suspense thriller movie exceedingly measured up to its genre, providing the action and adventure to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Shutter Island Essay Sample. Leonardo DiCaprio plays a character named Teddy, a disturbed inmate imprisoned on Shutter Island.

Through the course of the movie it becomes clear that Teddy suffers severely from hallucinations, paranoia, and extreme memory loss. For example, Shutter Island is a mysterious thriller. By studying this film, we can learn how do choose a mysterious soundtrack for a thriller, and how to make a scene more suspenseful.

In conclusion, it is important to study films closely in order to improve out ability to make film. Reham Al Taher Student id: Shutter Island: A Psychoanalytic and Behavioristic Perspective and Critical Evaluation on Andrew/Teddy Daniels The aim of this paper is to illustrate and critically evaluate the psychoanalytic and behaviorist perspective through the film Shutter Island, directed by Martin Scorcese with its lead played by Leanordo Dicaprio.

Shutter Island & Insomnia Movies such as “Shutter Island” and “Insomnia” both display attributes of neo-noir and classical noir films.

Shutter island essay example
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