The economic genocide of karachi

This would directly spur up activity in 45 industries and provide jobs for millions.


The workforce figures do not reflect real employment because employers tend to understate the number of their workers to these departments and agencies. Karachi has 15, formal industrial units in its 5 industrial zones while there are markets spread all over the city. A Guest Post by Majyd Aziz Peaceful environment is vital for economic growth and national prosperity.

As far as I know, there is a list of 2. But, if there is a will there is a way. Even the police do not take him seriously. If the workers of the informal or unorganized sector are included, plus taking into account home-based workers, then one could state that Karachi provides direct employment to over 5 million workers.

Today, the flight of capital is in tandem with the pull-out of investment and the root cause has been the criminalization of Karachi, the breakdown of the security apparatus, and the juvenile efforts and actions of the political parties.

Moreover, the near-collapse of the energy sector has proved to be extremely detrimental. As I write this, the death toll on day 3 of a fresh round of ethnic violence stands at over At the same time, foreign and domestic investors, business and industrial community, and banking and stock exchange clients and customers want solid surety that their investment would be safe and profitable.

Karachi businesses need atleast such commandos. They should also be told in no uncertain terms that these Families should voluntarily surrender their illegal arms and ammunition, not to the police but to the Pakistan Army.

The residents of Karachi are fearful of going about their business but how does one stop everything?

Cosa Nostra in Karachi

However, conventional wisdom reckons that if each factory on an average employs workers, then the 15, industries should be having in excess of 3 million direct employees. Daylight robbery is the norm and burglaries are an every day thing.

The figure of 3 million helps the Awami League in face saving and to cover their atrocities and genocide.

Come Ramadan and Karachi has been transformed into a city where streets have become rivers of blood, where the candles of happiness have been extinguished in hundreds of households, where the citizens, no matter how brave, walk or drive to their places of worship in fear and apprehension, and where there are no signs of security or sanity.

Pasban President said that the problems of the megacity are immense and complicated, adding we should have to work hard and all stakeholders need to be given a freehand with a complete coordination.

The other steps that businessmen should take are to compel Karachi Chamber to organize a non-violent, non-cooperation protest where all members would stop depositing their taxes and utilities bills and instead would submit these with pay orders to KCCI so that the government is forced to listen to the cries of the Karachi citizens.

He said the adhocism, plugged in solutions and add-ons are not the solution to the problems of Karachi, but we need an integrated approach for the development of the megacity.

Then where did the rest 27 lakh come from? Addressing the rally, Pasban President Altaf Shakoor said any city with a population of 10 million or more is called a megacity. According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistanpeople were killed in Karachi in the first seven months of this year due to political and ethnic violence.

SC ignored this, too. This is the month when social welfare organizations bombard citizens with pleas for donations and contributions. There is news of funds being transferred to Quality Industrial Zone in Jordan.

So much so, that even the Karachi Port has been shut off due to strike to protest the murder of a third-tier leader of an ethnic-based political party. KCCI has noted that 36 announced strikes have taken place in the recent past.

In Malaysia too, Pakistanis are investing heavily with emphasis on construction and trading. Altaf Shakoor said the megacities are self-sufficient economies and due to their bigger size and efficiency they generate extra revenue for the nations.

The prime reason was the fabulous opportunities for short-term profits and the enchanting lure of Dubai. Thirdly, what is of prime importance is that the political parties must keep at bay their hardcore militants and must ensure that political patronage is not accorded to militants arrested by the law-enforcing agencies.

As always, his bombastic proclamations turn out to be nothing but hot air.Karachi is the third largest city in the world by population in a city and it is hub of banking, industry, economic activity, revenue generation and trade and is like home to Pakistan's largest corporations, including those involved in textiles, shipping, automotive industry, entertainment, the arts, fashion, advertising, publishing, software development and.

Metro Train project will not be allowed at the cost of the sacredness of the Mominpura Graveyard and economic genocide of traders, Karachi Islamabad Lahore Peshawar. Sep 22,  · pakistan genocide Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times.

pakistan genocide Blogs, Comments and Archive News on KARACHI: Development of the megacity, Karachi, is inevitable for a sustainable development of Pakistan. To run the megacity on modern lines an integrated approach and competent management is a.

Staff Reporter Development of the megacity, Karachi, is inevitable for a sustainable development of Pakistan. To run the megacity on modern lines an integrated approach and competent management is. To cover up Mukti Bahini’s genocide and rapes, Economic Advisory Council members stress rationalisation in development spending.


The economic genocide of karachi
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