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Yale University Press, Weaving connections with communities across the country, Nutcracker has proved so financially successful that ticket sales often bankroll an entire ballet season. Retrieved Sep 12 from https: For women in particular, who operate in a ballet world where positions of power are often held by men, Nutcracker land has provided a space for achievement.

Its very availability is what brought The Nutcracker into my life, first as a young performer, then as a dance scholar who wanted to figure out what this phenomenon meant to people who put it on and to those who buy tickets. Gradually, people got used to my presence and my questions.

But while Morris is irreverent, he does not completely get lost in satire. This is why the ballet is always performed during the Christmas season. They were asked to imagine themselves programming a season for a fictional "American Ballet Company.

In each location there was a community of devoted balletgoers, with plenty of attitudes and opinions about the ever-recurring Nutcracker. Petersburg in Russia, and has undergone untold alterations on its travels since then. People who had never been interviewed participated: But where Fisher departs from customary treatments of the ballet which consider the ballet either as primarily an aesthetic object, an object of historical inquiry, or as a professional rite of passage is her essentially The nutcracker by jennifer fisher essay approach.

The fact that the ballet came from Russia made the whole thing "historical" in some vague way, but that history had little to do with their lives [] In fact, the whole idea that Tchaikovsky was an original Nut-basher fits into a mythology that is particularly relevant here--that The Nutcracker is an underdog, a newcomer who found a new life.

Bay Area Dancers Weigh In on 'The Nutcracker' and the Holiday Dance Season

On a whim, I stopped in front of the studio, not thinking anyone would be there; then, when I found the door open, I started up a long flight of stairs without knowing what I would do when I got to the top. The Barbie people changed the story to make Clara very independent. Some productions incorporate jazz, tap, hip-hop, even bharata natyam.

An orchestra conductor once told me that no one is bored in the pit because Tchaikovsky was at the height of his orchestrating powers when he composed the score, and each player has something engaging to do. Other New World choreographers decided that a Christmas celebration and fantasy could take place in whatever town produced it, so that the first act party-goers might be doing a highland fling or salsa, reflecting traditions of many American immigrants.

Amid the myriad adaptations, two major traditions have had perhaps the largest influence on the annual Nutcracker in North America. Nor am I alone among professionals in having a high tolerance.

Tchaikovsky wrote this piece about a young girl named Clara that cannot wait for Christmas morning to arrive. Nutcracker Nation goes a long way towards making the case that some ballets attain a significance for which the traditional elements of the theater are merely a point of departure.

Please join the discussion in our forum. The first Russian critics found plenty to dislike, though they did praise parts of the choreography by Lev Ivanov, when the ballet was presented at the Imperial Theatre in St.

Based ever so loosely on a long short story by E. For some, the ballet achieves the status of a "secular ritual" whose formal and thematic correspondences consecrate and legitimize ongoing social processes - dreams of domestic harmony, professional legitimacy, utopian ideals of community, etc.

Hoffmann, The Nutcracker enjoyed limited success in Russia, but it has been taken to heart by North Americans--and altered at will, sometimes resulting in a virtual change of citizenship for the good-natured Nutcracker.

But calling attention to the popularity and inevitability of The Nutcracker acknowledges the fact that it matters, like other "performances" that mark a certain time of year as special by echoing revered themes and values.

This performance is performed by about 12 Ballerinas with the music being played in the background. People who talked to me were generally very open and intrigued by my project, although somewhat puzzled about why I was hanging around for so long, watching and asking about so many aspects of their experience.

The Nutcracker

But, the nation of the "Nutcracker" is not an untroubled hymn celebrating an essentially bourgeois world ethos. Gale Group is a Thomson Corporation Company. I wanted to tell them that the production they were about to see, and the Inland Pacific Ballet, was charming, well danced, and did the taped Tchaikovsky proud.

But an odd thing happened straight off the freeway ramp, as I drove along downtown streets, deserted on a Sunday; I saw a sign that said Riverside Ballet Arts.

Long a synonym for "obligatory whimsy each December" The Nutcracker is the ballet we love to hate--love for its classical heritage and Tchaikovsky score; hate because it sometimes seems like an inescapable cliche in a world that craves constant innovation. But my conviction that the ballet was in some way a ritual--a meaningful yearly activity for dancers and audiences alike--was strengthened by the general reaction to my project.

I felt there would be multiple culture shocks ahead. I am so thankful that this was one of our choices because I really enjoyed watching this and hopefully I will get a chance to watch it in a live performance one day. Clearly among newspaper critics, The Nutcracker was seen as hardship duty.

Once in North America, it took up residence in communities across the United States and Canada and melted into the culture of each as new choreographers and companies made it welcome. But something made the experience familiar, and not only because this staircase resembled that of so many other second-floor studios.

I looked around and felt pretty much at home. This song has four different themes that repeat themselves.Jennifer Fisher of University of California, Irvine, CA UCI with expertise in Performing Arts, Cultural Anthropology, Other Religions.

Read 11 publications, 2 answers, and contact Jennifer Fisher. Learn more in The Nutcracker, an essay by Jennifer Fisher. The Sugar Plum Fairy variation is a choreographic centerpiece of The Nutcracker.

Performed by Alexandra Danilova in the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo version after Lev Ivanov, filmed at Jacob's Pillow in Essay One Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker I watched Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker online for my first choice in my performance paper.

This magnificent piece was composed by Peter Llyich Tchaikovsky during the Romantic period in In this entertainingly informative book, Jennifer Fisher offers new insights into the Nutcracker phenomenon, examining it as a dance scholar and critic, a former participant, an observer of popular culture, and an interviewer of those who dance, present, and watch the beloved ballet.

Jennifer Fisher Dr. Jennifer Fisher earned a master's degree in dance history and ethnography from York University in Toronto before receiving a Ph.D. in Dance History and Theory from the University of California, Riverside.

The Nutcracker by Jennifer Fisher The Nutcracker is still the gateway to a career; for audiences it offers a seasonal communal celebration of child-like pleasures.

The nutcracker by jennifer fisher essay
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