The worlds last night and other essays

That it will come when it ought, we may be sure; but we waste our time in guessing when that will be. Christ could have come to those worlds also. Anything further than that is pure nonsense. Good Work and Good Works This essay was a mixed bag for me.

The World's Last Night: And Other Essays

Feelings are certainly a part of the human experience, but to base anything off of their fickle nature only creates further difficulties. Lastly, this was a bit of a significant read for me. Even inanimate nature he turns to dust bowls and slag-heaps.

Man destroys or enslaves every species it can. Both positions, Lewis wrote, claim to show the absurdity of the Christian belief in divine origins and the Incarnation of Christ. We do not know the play. The rest of the essay continues that speculation, and I will leave it to the reader of this article to pursue the original article by Lewis and enjoy his speculation for itself.

Having been raised in an Evangelical environment, I was abundantly familiar with the stipulation that Christianity is a relationship with a personal, intimate God, as opposed to a collection of rites and rituals, laws and standards. And advancements in astronomical exploration have only furthered this discussion among rationalists.

That is, are they spiritual beings? Despite this feeling of disconnect, this essay was an enjoyable read, but most of its points were already ones I had arrived at along my life.

There is nothing odd about arguments from two very different positions both being able to attack Christianity.

The essay itself starts with Lewis proclaiming two equal and opposite scientific proposals: Glimpses into various topics, I can now see, is a valuable method of understanding the broader concepts that Lewis leans toward.

One of the inciting instances that spurred me into working in comics was reading an article in the now discontinued 7ball Magazine regarding Christians working in the comic industry. We do not know who are the major and who the minor characters.

When it is over, we may be told. If anything, they can enrich each other and learn from each other. We are led to expect that the Author will have something to say to each of us on the part that each of us has played.

One of his mos Lewis takes a hard intellectual look at the topics of prayer, the Second Coming of Jesus, and other issues of faith in the collection of essays. His haughtiest opponents could not, in good conscience, deny Lewis as the epitome of profound logic and beautifully executed argumentation.

While I still have plenty of issues with prayer and my arguments are far from solved, this essay reminded me that Lewis is still an authority within Christendom whom I trust. What most intrigued me was the speculation of an alien race that is not fallen.

The World S Last Night And Other Essays

Are there animals anywhere else besides earth? Its purpose is stated in the first paragraph of the essay:The World’s Last Night and Other Essays is a collection of essays by C. S. Lewis published in the United States in The volume contains a follow-up to his The Screwtape Letters in the form of “Screwtape Proposes a Toast.”.

The World's Last Night is a collection of C.S. Lewis essays. It contains ruminations on the efficacy of prayer; a debunking of "blind faith"; a repudiation of "religion" and "culture" (reminiscent of The Abolition of Man); Screwtape returning to toast democracy; and discussions on consumer society, the theological implications of life on other /5.

The World's Last Night and Other Essays out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 25 reviews. Anonymous: More than 1 year ago: This book is a collection of more or less miscellanious essays including one oration by the ever popular Screwtape himself.

This copy like, many free ones, suffers somewhat from textual errors, in this rendering, however, they /5(25). ''The Last Night And Other Essays'' is a collection of essays that represent who C.S.

Lewis was, both as a Christian and as a writer.

The World’s Last Night: And Other Essays

This book is a collection of seven essays highlighting his beliefs and concerns. In The World's Last Night and Other Essays, Lewis tackles several questions throughout the writings included therein.

Elitism and humility, pride and jealousy, the dangers of authoritarianism degrading the gains won by democracy, and, of course, the "world's last night", among other issues/5(46). Jun 25,  · Today’s book is The World’s Last Night and Other Essays.

It is a collection of seven essays from later in C S Lewis’ life, after he was 50 years of age. They were written during a of some significant changes in his life.

The worlds last night and other essays
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