Understanding the meaning of interpersonal relationships essay

How Words Create and Affect Attitudes, Behavior and Perception The communication process whether verbal and non verbal is interpreted differently by different people hence changing the manner in which the persons interact. No communication can be considered out of context, without losing a great deal of its meaning and relevance.

I often make the mistake of responding immediately to an email when I am angry, regretting my decision later. Admittedly when I read this, I balked. Different social contexts such as the manner of interpretation within a family may be different from that of family friends hence acting as a barrier to effective interpersonal interactions.

In the chapter on emotions, McCornack elucidates the latest research in psychology and sociology that shows how emotions affect every area of our lives. The verbal and nonverbal behavior exhibited in interpersonal interactions conveys attitudes and perceptions that explain the behavior of the person and they affect the attitudes and perceptions because it changes how the other person behaves.

Interpersonal Relationships&nbspEssay

There are many countries that do not have much concern for barriers and boundaries. I began to appreciate what McCornack was trying to achieve with Reflect and Relate, which was to fill in the gaps that many other textbooks on communication leave empty.

In the case where the object of reference is interpersonal relationship, the attitude towards that relationship will be influenced as well as the interaction process Hybels, S. I sat down in front of my computer and for the first time wrote out how I felt in several of these relationships.

Persons with visual and hearing disabilities experience difficulties in interpreting communication hence hindering effective interaction. The perceived self concept triggers the formation of interpersonal relationship and its maintenance is based on the self esteem support and the intensity given to the relationship.

The noise or the distance will make it difficult for the receptor to understand or effectively interpret the information being communicated. The words used in communicating change the other person because first, it changes the perception of that person.

The main problem with online communication difficulties is related to the lack of emotion being imparted. I was particularly moved by the research on jealousy, which McCornack claims is "toxic to interpersonal communication and must be managed effectively for relationships to survive," p.

On page 27, I was asked to reflect on a "devastating relationship event" that I experienced.

Understanding the Meaning of Interpersonal Relationships Essay

We use emoticons to overcome this problem, but sometimes emoticons are inappropriate because they are unprofessional or forgotten. When communication fails, it becomes difficult for the interpersonal interaction to continue because the process of communication will be disrupted or cut short.

Misunderstanding may also result during interpersonal interaction and consequently impede effective interaction. The interpretations of nonverbal as well as verbal communications and humor differ among cultures hence will hinder effective interpersonal interaction.

Even when we use smiley faces or winks to suggest that we are being lighthearted and joking, the person on the other end has no context.

Interpersonal interaction whereby there is no reciprocal support will result to interpretation that there is lack of interest hence leading to a collapse of the relationship. Misunderstandings can be reduced with better listening. Therefore, the words used during interpersonal interactions determine the effectiveness or failure of the relationship.

On the other hand, lack of reciprocal self concept support will threaten the relationship.

Interpersonal Relationship Essays (Examples)

As King points out, all interpersonal communication is contextual. Our voice conveys emotion.Intimate relationships have its own powerful meaning, causing powerful experiences in every day life.

Providing us with love and emotional support, helping us grow to be a better person, and establishing a life-changing bond/5(11). When conducting a examination of interpersonal relationship understanding the process of defining emotional intelligence and its role in effective interpersonal relationship, self concept development and maintain must be understand, as well as in addition to understanding the impact of gender and culture communication.

What is Interpersonal Relationship? Essay Sample

A positive interpersonal relationship provides countless opportunities while a negative interpersonal relationship limits opportunities. Interpersonal relationships can be built with many different forms of communication but self-concept and self-disclosure play two of the biggest roles in forming positive interpersonal working relationships.

What lies within each person and how each person communicates internally provide the source of meaning, of self-definition and of self-presentation in interpersonal relationships.

Interpersonal relationships are formed in the context of social, cultural and other influences. Interpersonal relationship is influenced by existing interpersonal interactions which are dependent on verbal and nonverbal communication.

Expression of messages is subject to interpretation by the receiver of the information and it is the interpretation that trigger emotions, attitudes and perceptions hence behavior that results.

Essay about Role of Conflict in Shaping Interpersonal Relationships - In contemporary times, interpersonal relationships are the most important part of the human social life. Take the example of the popular culture; films and .

Understanding the meaning of interpersonal relationships essay
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