Women school administrator dissertations

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The main focus of these interviews was a discussion of the decisions the primary study participant made regarding the process of redefining the school district organizational culture.

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Women in School Administration: A Review of the Research

The African-American female administrator served as the primary study participant. Three techniques, member checks, an audit trail, and triangulation, were used to ensure data credibility and integrity. Three additional secondary study participants, identified by the primary study participant, were interviewed.

Be sure to click the "Submit" button at the bottom. Each interview was audiotaped and transcribed by the researcher. Qualitative research strategies were used to gather and analyze data.

The framework of the study was established through a literature review that included the topics of school leadership issues impacting women; the development of an Afrocentric feminist epistemology, an African-American identity, and African-American socialization; and the effects of gender on the development of female self-concept and cognition.

Show full item record Abstract This case study examined the decisions made by an African-American female public school administrator as she attempted to redefine the organizational culture of a large, urban public school district. The researcher conducted 10 interviews with the primary study participant.

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Educational Administration (EDAD) Dissertations 2005-2009

These themes were matched to findings from other studies about African Americans and women. The researcher also observed the primary study participant for two eight-hour work days.

Information from this study should provide the reader with an opportunity to reflect on his or her own decision-making strategies.

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Five major themes emerged from the data analysis.

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Schools. A Phenomenological Study of the Retirement Transition of K Educational Administrators in the State of Alabama Hicks, Lee A., "A Phenomenological Study of the Retirement Transition of K Educational Administrators in the State of Alabama" ().

experienced school administrator. In fact, a glaring lacuna exists concerning public. A Comparative Study of Administrator and Special Education Teacher Perceptions of Special Education Teacher Attrition and Retention, Danielle Angelina Sheldrake (Dissertation) PDF A Case Study of After-School Activities in one School that is Making Progress in Closing the Achievement Gap, Susan Robin Shugerman (Dissertation).

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Where Are All the Women Superintendents?

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Women school administrator dissertations
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