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Outside the Indian subcontinent Much of the Hindi spoken outside of the subcontinent is quite distinct from the India-Pakistan standard language. In addition, the language of Muslims is commonly called "Urdu" rather than "Hindi" or "Hindustani.

Hindi is normally spoken using a combination of 52 sounds, ten vowels and 40 consonants. The colloquial languages are all but indistinguishable, and even the official standards are nearly identical in grammar, though they differ in literary conventions and in academic and technical vocabulary, with Urdu retaining stronger Persian, Central Asian and Arabic influences, and Hindi relying more heavily on Sanskrit.

Thus, the different meanings of the word "Hindi" include, among others: Pronunciation in Hindi is relatively easy since, unlike English, letters are always pronounced exactly the same way. There is a well known philosophy which says that when one meditates on the specific sounds of the Dev Naagari alphabet, the written forms appear spontaneously in the mind.

This wide definition results in a clear majority of Indians being speakers of Hindi.

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Once you have learned the letters, reading is straight forward and simple. Note that the term "Hindustani" has generally fallen out of common usage in modern India, except to refer to a style of Indian classical music prevalent in northern India.

The term used to refer to the language is "Hindi", regardless of the mix of Persian or Sanskrit words used by the speaker.

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It is a living language, still prevalent all over the Deccan Plateau. As defined in the census, Hindi covers a number of Central, East-Central, Eastern, and Northern Zone languages, including the Bihari languages excepting Maithili, the Rajasthani languages, and the Pahari languages excepting Dogri and Nepali.

There are 11 vowels and 36 consonants in Hindi. Sarnami, a form of Bhojpuri with Awadhi influence spoken by Surinamers of Indian descent.

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In common usage in India, the term "Hindi" includes all these dialects except those at the Urdu end of the spectrum. Like Sanskrit, Hindi is written in the Dev Naagari script, which is common to several other Indian languages as well.

Linguistically, it is equally possible to classify these as separate languages rather than dialects. One could conceive of a wide spectrum of dialects, with the highly Persianized Urdu at one end of the spectrum and a heavily Sanskrit-based dialect, spoken in the region around Varanasi, at the other end of the spectrum.

Fiji Hindi, derived form of Awadhi, Bhojpuri and including many English and native Fijian words, is spoken by Fijians of Indian descent.Vividh Prasang, Buddhamatam, Manav Samajam, Bauddha Sanskriti, Rashtrabhasha Hindi, Budh Ka Darshan, Gram Aur Gramin, Maanav Ki Kahani, Akbar, Nirale Hire Ki Khoj, Tibet Mein Sava Baras, Rahul Nibandhavali, Roos Mein Pachis Mass.

Meri to ayi manokamna hain ki ap tarakki ki rahon par agarsar hon. Reply. ahsira hussain says: June 30, at pm i just want 2 write poem the way u write and explains it so beautifully. Hindi kavitao ka itna sundar sajeev sangrah karne ke liye. इस article में आप पढेंगे, माँ को समर्पित कुछ अदभुत कवितायेँ अर्थात Poems on Mother in Hindi.

List of Poems on Mother in Hindi (माँ को समर्पित हिन्दी कवितायेँ)Contents1 List of Poems on Mother in Hindi (माँ को समर्पित. this is great, I liked reading it and the importance given to our hindi language.

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Vani gupta September 15, It’s a really really nice’s help me a lot in my essay competition so thanks. Samiara September 16, jal hi jivan hai (water is life) par hindi mein words ka essay Kanishka Tyagi "Ek vivek dimag ka hota hai aur ek vivek dil ka "essay of words.

Meri rashtrabhasha hindi
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