Table of content example

Example of Table of Contents

They get the job done. Orbe Magazine gives its readers a grid with titles and page number on the left and images featured in each chapter on the right. Except when it comes to a productivity app like Microsoft Word.

Finally click on OK Select a TOC that fits the document type; For a Print document; in case one is creating a document that will have to be printed for others to read, it is good to create a TOC in which the entry lists both the heading as well as the page number where that heading will appear.

It covers still lifes and is quite beautiful. However, you might find that spending a bit more time perfecting your table of contents is worth the effort for a superior finished product. Check out Rika Magazine featuring a Table of Contents that uses the edition number as a design element and features excellent type pairings.

Give it a try. The entire composition revolves around one point, in this case a beautiful woman, likely the subject of the feature article of the magazine.

20 Table of Contents Templates and Examples

Kind of like a sneak peek. Set in black, it gives this Table of Contents a modern vibe. Its heavy use of whitespace makes it feel modern and fresh.

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Go Retro Le Contact Le Contact goes slightly retro, with illustrations and type that speak of a time past. To make changes to the way heading levels are displayed in the TOC, click on Modify.

Designing the perfect table of contents: 50 examples to show you how

Jeopardy Magazine lists its content and uses a color accent to arrive at a sophisticated Table of Contents. If you have a small number of chapters, it might be worth exploring integrating your Table of Contents to your cover or an interior title page, like The Outpost. Its use of large numbers and classic black and yellow make its Table of Contents quite navigable.

Marking entries by employing built-in heading styles; Select the text that you want to appear in the table of contents Then on the home tab, specifically on the Styles group, click the style of your choice. Next, head to the Home tab and click the dialog box launcher on the Paragraph section.

In this section, under the Style name you can click on your preferred option. It creates an eye-catching layout, easy to navigate.

While in the Table of Contents dialog box, make the following alterations; In order for you to change the number of heading levels to be displayed in the TOC, enter the number that you want in the box next to Show Levels, under General.Apr 17,  · In the Update Table of Contents dialog box, click Update the Entire table, and then click OK.

Note In Word or in Wordclick Update the Entire table in the Update Table of Contents. Example of Table of Contents Tables of contents are organized layouts of subject materials denoting formatting of materials, and in some cases gives a description of contents.

Conventions regarding tables of contents are based on subjects' organizational needs and convenience to readers. SAMPLE TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS iii LIST OF TABLES vi LIST OF FIGURES vii CHAPTER I RESEARCH OBJECTIVE 1 Introduction 1 Statement of the Problem and Need for the Study 3 Subproblems 4 Definitions 9 II RELATED LITERATURE You could also check out table of contents examples to sum up what you have been taken through in this article.

In order for you to come up with a good table of contents you could have a look at one of the sample table of contents provided on this site, you can download it and have a look at the general format. Creating a basic table of contents Once you have applied heading styles, you can create your table of contents: Click where you want the contents to appear.

From the menu, select Insert – Reference – Index and Tables. The Index and Tables dialog box displays.

Sample Table of Contents

Click the Table of Contents tab. Table of Contents 5. Link to Site | Direct Download .docx). Advanced Templates. While the above templates will work for many projects that require a table of contents, some document types might need something a little more advanced.

Table of content example
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